Week VI

Extremely challenging week!! On the road doing a trade show, very little time available. However, I am able to remain faithful to most of my practice in Mastermind. I am beginning to see how all of these exercises are working to develop the “mechanism”. I am experiencing a sense of being conscious of my PPN’s […]

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Week V

This has been a challenging week seems like the workload is getting heavier. Working full time and fitting everything in is stirring “old blueprint” voices. Feel like I’m hitting a wall, have to dig deep to stay with this.

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Week IV

This truly is a “game changer” week! I am most blown away by Hannel’s definition of the “I”. For me this understanding has mind boggling Iimplications! I am very excited about this! The second powerful concept for me is the Law of Giving & Receiving. ┬áThis is a fundamental motivator to practice, make the effort […]

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This is really exciting!! I am beginning to feel like today is a new birth (GS). I am experiencing some “overwhelm” but it is all in my imagination. The ACT of doing the next thing creates a sense of a map opening up as you go along. There was a scene in one of the […]

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Feeling a bit frustrated right now as I am traveling with out my lap top and having to rely on a hotel computer that seems to be beyond it’s usefule limits regarding speed. I am so spoiled!! I am amazed at the organization and presentation of this material, it is a totally new experience for […]

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MKMMA Week 1

The first thing I noticed on Sunday morning was a feeling of anticipation and excitement, followed by a strong inner prompting to create order in my apartment. I have a tendency to put “stuff” on any flat surface available thereby creating an overall un kept and disorganized space. I usually go in and out of […]

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